Find your nearest Autism Swim Provider

Below is where you will find your closest Autism Swim Approved Provider.
This includes swim centres, surf schools, allied health professionals and individual aquatic providers (such as swimming and surfing teachers).

What if there isn’t an Autism Swim Approved Provider near you?
If you enter your location below and there is not a provider within the proximity stipulated, a form will appear and you will be prompted to provide us with the details of your local swim centres/aquatic provider.
We’ll then make contact with them to see if they’re interested and suitable in becoming certified. You can also download a brochure here to send to any local centres you think might benefit from being Autism Swim Approved!

What does Autism Swim
Approved mean?

What does Autism Swim Approved mean?

This means that the provider has undertaken our initial training, engages in monthly resources and 3 monthly quizzes, and other certification requirements. They have committed to an ongoing professional development journey.

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