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If you’re looking for a great cause to get behind and want to do your bit to change the drowning statistics, we would be forever indebted for your support.



children are diagnosed with ASD every hour. That’s about 1.3 million diagnosed every year.


That’s how many times more likely drowning occurrence is for someone with ASD than a child without.


of parents in our community have left other aquatic services due to them not understanding their child’s needs.


Transform your lessons to be fun, safe and empowering.

As you are no doubt aware, teaching swimming to individuals on the autism spectrum and with other abilities can have its challenges, and requires specialist training, procedures, resources and support.

Becoming Autism Swim Approved will equip your staff with the knowledge, skills, resources and confidence that you need, to most effectively teach to your swimmers who need some extra support in the water.


Receive support, knowledge and skills from an expert team.

Autism Swim are international wandering and drowning prevention specialists,  who understand the complexities of different learning styles, goals and approaches, and the support mechanisms necessary to educate all swimmers on water safety, water therapy and learn-to-swim.

We’ll help you facilitate stronger outcomes for your swimmers who need a little extra support in the water.

Huge thank you Autism Swim for the swim instructor course. It was great to learn from experienced professionals about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and considerations I need to make in the aquatic environment. In fact, the knowledge and ideas I have gained have transformed the way I approach all of my swim lessons and students.
It was really convenient to able to complete the initial training online and in my own time. Receiving new and refresher material every month helps keep my training current. Anytime I have had a query or needed some extra support, Autism Swim have been there for me.
The wandering and drowning statistics for those with ASD are alarming and I am proud to be a part of the Autism Swim community who are helping to make a change.

Audrey, Swim Instructor

“Words cannot express how fantastic this program has been for our family. Thank you for turning this into a dream come true experience and for all your efforts in teaching water safety, confidence and strength to these beautiful human beings living with ASD.”

- Alicia, mother of child with ASD

“I attended the Course last week and found it to be a wealth of information. The content of the course was made extremely interesting by a facilitator whose fluid presentation saw the day fly!!
The factual information I gathered during the course will be easy to apply to clients with Autism. I highly recommend attending this course if an opportunity arises”.

- Shari, Swimming Instructor

“Words cannot express how fantastic this program has been for our family. Thank you for turning this into a dream come true experience and for all your efforts in teaching water safety, confidence and strength to these beautiful human beings living with ASD. Ayla has overcome her fear of waves and enjoys the water with a new level of confidence she previously didn’t have. We would love to be a part of all future programs like this that you may run!”

- Yasmin, mother of child with ASD
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Instant Training

Gain access to comprehensive online training instantly, at your own time.

Ongoing Resources

Receive an extensive set of monthly resources such as lesson plans, program templates, visuals, “what to do when” factsheets and skill focuses to set you up for success.

Free Marketing Swags

Get our free marketing goodies like signage and stickers, to show the world that you are Autism Swim Approved.

Expert Support

With our Premium option, you will have direct access to our expert team of occupational therapists, autism specialists and behaviour specialists, whenever you need guidance in the disability sphere.

Promotion of your Services

Expand your services by featuring on our website and social media networks as a recommended provider, following your Autism Swim approval.

Community Network

Exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can interact and learn from other Autism Swim Approved Instructors.

Pricing Plans


10 instructors

up to 10 swim instructors per centre

Online training only

  • $1699
    One-off payment



10 instructors

up to 10 swim instructors per centre

Online training

Monthly resources

Listing on Autism Swim website

Referrals through Autism Swim website*

  • $1499
    One-off payment
  • $69 / month Min. of 12 months



10 instructors

up to 10 swim instructors per centre

Online training

Monthly resources

Priority listing on Autism swim website

Referrals through Autism Swim website*

A center and services audit and report

Unlimited support from Autism Swim's clinical team

Bi-monthly video conference with Autism Swim supervisor

Autism Swim merchandise pack for all instructors

  • $1499
    One-off payment
  • $109 / month Min. of 12 months


Whilst the value in becoming Autism Swim Approved is obviously in the knowledge, ongoing support, professional development and stronger outcomes being achieved for your swimmers, being able to so very easily justify the costs is a nice extra 😉 ONE referral from us over the whole year and you’ve earned the costs back. To put this into context, most instructors are receiving 15 referrals in their first week with us!

*Based on Value or Premium membership packages, and Australian 1:1 prices for aquatics programs.


You’re under no obligation to use all of the resources, ideas, etc. that we give you. They are there as a guide. Keep in mind that we don’t give you a set program for your swimmers, as no such thing exists which is going to be relevant to all of your swimmers. Instead, we give you the knowledge, support and a toolbox of resources which allow you to tailor your lessons according to each swimmer’s needs, preferences, learning styles and goals.

We have a locations tab on our website. Families can enter their postcode to find their closest Autism Swim Approved Centre. Alternatively, they contact us via email and we provide them with the necessary details for the accredited providers closest to them. We find that more often than not, the cost of signing up with Autism Swim as a centre is quickly covered by the number of new referrals coming to you.

We always recommend 1:1 lessons, as least to begin with. This allows you to target some key individualised goals and safety skills for the participant. As their skills increase, you may then like to look into part of the lesson being undertaken with another student of similar skill-sets (and build up from there), however this will be dependent on the individual goals of the swimmer. Although we suggest 1:1 initially, as long as your lessons do not exceed 1:3 in ratio, they can still be considered as part of the Autism Swim program. It all comes down to the goals and needs of your individual swimmer.

Autism Swim stipulates the following qualifications as prerequisites to becoming Autism Swim Approved:

  • A qualification in Teacher in Swimming and Water Safety (or equivalent in country)
  • A relevant 4yr therapy degree including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology, BCBA, Behavioural Science or allied health professional
  • A 4yr degree in the education or social sciences sectors.Anyone who does not meet these prerequisites, are welcome to undertake Autism Swim’s training and receive Autism Swim’s resources, however will not be considered Autism Swim Approved until one of the above prerequisites is met;

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