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Hi, my name is Tony Pells and I  am the Manager of WJB Swim Lincolnshire. We offer group classes with a maximum of 4 persons as well as 1-1 classes. We have 18npools across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. We specialise in teaching children and adults with Autism, offering private pools.

WJB Swim was set up in 2014, to teach children and adults how to swim in Lincolnshire. Since 2014 we have taught hundreds of children and adults this vital life skill.  We are now offering swim lessons to baby and pre-school children!

We are passionate that everyone learns how to swim. Not only from a fitness point of view but also safety. Swimming is a vital life skill.

We follow the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) international learn to swim program, so that there is clear progression from start to finish. Everyone is welcome to stay swimming with us for as long as they want to.

Should any child or adult want to take their swimming further then please contact us and we will send you the relevant information. We want everyone to remain in the sport for as long as possible, it’s great for fitness and well-being and of course safety.


WJB Swim
Lincolnshire United Kingdom
Email: wjbswim@gmail.com
Url: https://www.wjbswim.co.uk/home