WaterWorld is a prominent registered training company based in India, specialising in aquatic sports and aquatic skills development. Established in 1998, WaterWorld has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive training programs and certifications in various water-related disciplines.

With a strong emphasis on safety and professional expertise, WaterWorld has garnered a solid reputation within the industry. The company boasts a range of prestigious training credentials and associations, which further validate its commitment to excellence. These affiliations include partnerships with Emergency University (USA), Lifeguard Pro (USA), IFSTA (UK), STA (UK), Sports Physical Education Fitness and Leisure Sector Council -SPEFL SC NSDC (India), Indian Resuscitation Council, and Indian Lifesaving and Lifesaving Sports Federation.

WaterWorld holds an esteemed position among India’s top 10 training providers, solidifying its reputation as a leading institution in the field. Furthermore, it has achieved the distinction of being the foremost provider of aquatic job role skilling in the country, as recognised by the National Skill Development Council’s SPEFL SC.

Located at their Pune City Centre, WaterWorld boasts a dedicated team that focuses on Aquatic Safety and Swimming Skills training specifically designed for children with special needs. This team comprises experienced swimming instructors, special educators, and occupational therapists who work collaboratively to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for these individuals.

In addition to their commitment to safety and swimming skills, WaterWorld also plays a crucial role in developing employable youth through vocational training. By offering comprehensive training in various aquatic job roles listed by the SPEFL SC NSDC (India), WaterWorld equips aspiring individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue fulfilling careers in the aquatic industry.

WaterWorld’s training programs encompass a wide range of swimming proficiency levels, from survival swimming to competitive swimming. Participants not only gain essential water safety skills but also have the opportunity to enhance their swimming abilities under the guidance of highly qualified instructors.

With its strong emphasis on both safety and professional development, WaterWorld continues to make significant contributions to aquatic sports and skills development in India. Their commitment to providing inclusive training opportunities and their dedication to producing employable youth further solidify their position as a renowned training provider in the country.

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