Hello, my name is Dimas Kelvianto. Me and wife, Siendy, together we built Swimtime Aquatics in 2017. Swimtime Aquatics is a child-centered swimming school. We provide swimming classes for babies and children aged 6 months old and above. We believe in swimming skills which would be achieved with consistency, gentle, loving and child-centered approach that makes the child happy and trauma-free learning in the class. And now we are learning to expand more swimming lessons for the child with autism.

Here are our public pools which we are having our classes: 1. Vanya Park, Cicalengka, Pagedangan, Tangerang Regency, Indonesia 2. Club Gading Mas Balai Samudera, Boulevard Barat no. 1 Road, Komplek Inkopal Gading Sport, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Indonesia 3. Roosenno Plaza, Kemang Utara Road, South Jakarta, Indonesia.


It’s been almost 1 year Devan practice swim together with @swimtime.aquatics. It’s not about teaching Devan to become a skillful swimmer, it’s about me to keep practicing my patience, consistency, commitment and positive parenting to help Devan investing in one of a skill which important for his whole lifetime. Thanks for the patience and encouragement @swimtime.aquatics 2. My kids love their lessons and they are improving. Two things that are the most important for me. Please take note my kids don’t take swimming lesson because I dream that one day they’ll compete at the olympics. But because of water safety and confidence. And the coach has surely meet this criteria for us.

About Us

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