Qatar Foundation is proud to offer the Ability Friendly Swimming program. Our adapted swimming program will nurture the swimmer in each and every one of our participants! The ultimate goal of the program is to teach proper swimming techniques and water safety. Our courses are designed to assure the development of each student, from a beginner who is learning to swim for the very first time up through advanced levels and competitive swimming. Regardless of age, ability, mobility, developmental needs and swimming history, we can accommodate all of these aspects and more to foster skills successfully in the water!

Swimming sessions are available Sundays-Thursdays from 1:00-5:00 pm. All sessions are 30 minutes and you can register for two sessions per week. All sessions are held in amazing facilities with water temperatures from 29-32c, wheel chair lifts are available in all pools.

We are welcoming and inclusive of anybody ages 4+ with a special need and/or disability. Some of the ability groups we are working with include:

  • Autism and Learning Difficulties
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Visual Impairments
  • Physical Impairments
  • Mobility Impairments

Qader Award

The Qader Award is a financial award that is available through online application. If awarded, you are eligible to receive an academic year of funding to participate in our Ability Friendly swimming program.

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“She loves swimming, and the coach makes the session happier for her by singing along while she swims. I really love that.”

“The coaches are well trained to deal with children of different abilities, and this means he gets to enjoy himself much more because it’s with people who can understand him and bring out the best in him, whilst loving the water.”

“Jojo’s friendly and professional approach when dealing with my daughter. Her technique and endurance has improved as a result of his excellent coaching skills”.

“The coach is able to display patience, understanding and knowledge of how to deal with my child”.

“The professionalism the skill the understanding support the team bring to the programme and its positive physical emotional behavioral mental impact it has on the kids”.

“The understanding support knowledge of staff shows in their expertise patience and amazing rapport with the children. That makes everything else easier for children and parents and more achievable and enjoyable”.



All program coaches hold internationally recognized swimming licenses in addition to expertise, experience and credentials in coaching the specific needs community.

Qatar Foundation
Community Development/Ability Friendly
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