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My lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual. I pride myself on meeting each person at their level, build a rapport and trust in me, and only then do I begin to encourage and teach new skills to stretch their capabilities.

My highest priority is water safety and awareness, I do this by focussing on balance and breath control as well as body awareness in the water. Strokes and technique are also my focus and will ensure their technique is as efficient as possible. I am willing to take anyone as far as they can go to reach their full potential.
I am in Eltham on Monday & Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

“Our son, Reilly, began taking 1:1 swimming lessons with Roslyn  (Ros) in 2014, when he was 3 years old. Reilly has autism and developmental delays, and is not yet verbal. After having our fair share of terrible experiences with swim instructors who were unfamiliar with the unique challenges of teaching children with additional needs, it was refreshing and heartening to see how patient Ros was with Reilly. She met him at his level, built a strong rapport with him, and gently challenged him to try new things and develop new skills. Ros often talks about her time in the water with Reilly as “play,” and we have no doubt that this approach enabled him to learn.

Over the past 5 years, Ros has used a range of stimulating and challenging activities in the water that have helped to build Reilly’s gross and fine motor skills, core strength, balance and confidence. When Reilly first began working with Ros, he loved being in the water but had no understanding of the associated dangers. Now, not only does he have an awareness of water safety, he also has the necessary skills to get himself safely to the edge if he falls into a body of water.

It is wonderful to see Reilly’s cheekiness and playful personality come through when he plays with Ros in the water. He constantly keeps her on her toes, pushes the boundaries and laughs along with her. Ros is unendingly patient with him, gently setting boundaries and continuing to challenge him. We have followed her to four different locations over the past 5 years, which speaks volumes about the impact she has had on our boy’s life.”

– Teresa and Gavin Brown

“My daughter Bree (aged 7) has been enjoying her swimming lessons with Ros since she was 3 years old. Ros has been amazing for Bree and for us.
Bree who is unable to cope in a mainstream lesson has learnt so many things. She now wears goggles and dives under the water to collect the fish rings!!!
Ros is a great teacher and we highly recommend her for anyone thinking about special need swimming lessons.”
– Laura, Bree’s Mum

Dylan, who is currently 10 years old, was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 18 months and then later with ADHD at the age of 7. Throughout his childhood, we realised that one of the most important issues with Dylan was Health and Safety; especially around water. Growing up, Dylan’s love for being in the water at the pools or beach, far outweighed a lot of activities that he participated in. However, unless we were there to stop him and be with him 100% of the time, Dylan would always try to jump straight into water not realising that he could drown. A lack of this basic skill could have taken his life.

Enter Ros who we met through Eltham Leisure Centre when Dylan was 4 years of age and has been with her for approximately five of the last six or so years.
Ros has been an integral part of Dylan’s learning curve in the water on a ‘one on one’ basis. From basic techniques such as blowing bubbles and entering the pool safely to now a days, a wide variety of swimming strokes and integration into mainstream swimming classes. When Dylan began his swimming lessons, he would often lose interest on the more basic technical side of what he was meant to be doing. This is where Ros introduced ‘fun’ activities that focused on basic swimming, safety and awareness techniques and kept him
concentrating on the tasks at hand. To him, it was fun time in the pool and therefore wasn’t considered a chore. So much so, that he looked forward to going back each week and spending time in the pool with Ros, which was a massive accomplishment in its own right.

From here, he built up a strong bond with Ros and as time went on, swimming strokes were introduced with a focus on fine and gross motor skills along with simple explanations on how they play a part in swimming strokes.
Whilst there are still fun games that Dylan plays and still loves, the focus is now on strengthening his swimming technique and doing small laps in the pool whilst using certain strokes.

After five years with Ros, Dylan currently boogie boards on waves at the beach, plays in a pool without an adult being present in the water at all times and most importantly, has been successfully progressing through mainstream swimming lessons with his peers.

This is a huge testament to Ros’ teaching techniques, patience and understanding of how someone on the spectrum behaves, whilst working closely with them on an individual level. For us as parents, this is something that we thought we may not ever see. This has played an enormous part in not only changing Dylan’s life but also our lives given that we feel a lot more comfortable and at ease when Dylan is around water. The fact that we can supervise
Dylan from the edge of a pool without having to be in there with him means that we can also enjoy our time around water as a family a little more.

We have nothing but the hugest amount of respect and admiration for Ros and could not have been at this stage without her being a part of Dylan’s life. Both Lynda and I cannot recommend Ros highly enough as a swimming instructor for anyone on the spectrum or with special needs.
Lynda and David Kappadais

Private Instructor: Ros Bruinsma
Eltham Leisure Centre
40 Brougham Street
Eltham VIC 3095
Phone: 9439 2266