We are a specialist Swim & Survive school for kids with special needs and their families.

Water safety and survival are a vital component of our teaching, along with improving confidence & skills in the water. Calming strategies and water therapy are also implemented in our teaching. We are a family partnership and NDIS provider registered for therapeutic supports, personal training and innovative community participation.  Look for us under Geelong Otway Employment Support in the Provider Finder on My Place.

Hi, my name is Rachel. I have 9 years experience teaching kids how to swim. I am a fully qualified Aust-Swim and Autism Swim teacher accredited for 2019 by Autism Swim.  I also have a child on the Autism spectrum.

I offer a 1:1 Swim & Survive school for kids with special needs and their families.
People can make contact with us on Facebook, phone 0401 397 232 or via our webpage www.goswimmers.com.au.



“Rachel has been teaching our child swimming lessons for around 1 year now. From the moment we started with her, we could see instant results. Our child has complex needs including ASD (non-verbal), vision impairment, dyspraxia and many other sensory needs. Rachel has a kind and nurturing approach and always has a smile on her face. She built an excellent rapport with our child within the first couple of lessons, and now has a great understanding of our child’s needs. Not only does our child have lots of fun with Rachel he has learnt many many new skills and made lots of progress. Since furthering her knowledge with Autism Swim, Rachel now uses visuals and other techniques throughout the lesson further enhancing our child’s time in the pool. When we found Rachel we felt like we had won the lotto. Rachel has great communication, giving feedback after each lesson. Rachel also listens to our feedback and has done further research in her own time to support our child. We would highly recommend Rachel as a swimming teacher especially for a child with special needs. We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for our child, and we are excited to continue on with her, on this new exciting venture.”


“I have known Rachel on a professional level for many years and I have always been very impressed with her caring approach to teaching swimming and water safety to people of all abilities but particularly people in our community with both mental and physical disabilities. She has gone beyond her initial qualification to increase her knowledge and understanding  through many platforms and is always conscious of the needs of her student. I recommend her highly.”


“Our daughter was doing swimming lessons with two autism specific swim teachers prior to Rachel, and we just weren’t seeing results quick enough. Her behaviour was escalating and the lessons didn’t seem as personalised, as our daughters behaviour changed frequently. Rachel, adjusts her lessons on a lesson basis as per the child’s temperament on the day. Each lesson is individualised and each lesson doesn’t seem like a “lesson” to our daughter. Her lessons are natural in teaching and appear to our daughter as a fun play session in the water – so she doesn’t even notice she’s being taught really important water skills! In the space of 8 weeks with Rachel, we’ve seen greater gains then a year in lessons with other teachers. Our daughter never used to enjoy floating or being put in a floating position and she is now doing it on her own, she used to wait for the teachers to guide her in her approach to kicking legs or using her arms to paddle and now, she naturally does it on her own, she used to not want to participate in swim classes and now she absolutely loves swim lessons and loves participating in the “games” that Rachel plays with her in order to teach her swim skills in a way that work and feel fun for her. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rachel to anyone that needs personalised swim lessons for their children on the spectrum. We have two children on the spectrum and couldn’t be happier having Rachel as their swim teacher. If you’re after results and a place where your child will thrive, then don’t hesitate to give Go Swimmers a call” 

Private Instructor: Rachel Penny
Christian College Aquatic Centre
18 Burdekin Road
Highton VIC 3216
Phone: 0401 397 232
Email: hello@goswimmers.com.au
Url: http://www.goswimmers.com.au