Little Ripples provides aquatic based occupational therapy services for children,
currently provided in a 1:1 setting. Our focus is on supporting water familiarization and
water safety skills whilst achieving the individual therapy goals of each child and their
family. Most of our children have goals centred around water safety and participation in
swimming lessons. We help support children to build on the underlying skills required to
be able to participate in lessons.
Our therapist has been working as an Occupational Therapist since 2015. She is also a
licences swimming and water safety teacher so she has a good understanding of the
skills required to participate safely in aquatic activities.
We are passionate about promoting the safe participation of all children in water based
activities, with particular focus on preparing children for positive participation in
swimming lessons, whilst still achieving other therapy goals.

Services currently available at:
1. Splash Aqua Park & Leisure Centre: 60 Central Park Avenue, Craigieburn, Vic
2. Mill Park Leisure Centre: 33 Morang Drive, Mill Park 3082
We accept private, out of pocket fees or NDIS funding, however we are not an NDIS
registered provider, so are only able to accept self-managed or agency (third party)
managed plans.
Phone: 0477 527 472
Website currently under development

Aquatic Therapist: Little Ripples Kids Therapy (Craigieburn)
Splash Aqua Park & Leisure Centre:
60 Central Park Avenue
Craigieburn VIC 3064
Phone: 0477 527 472