The Evergreen Center’s mission is to provide day and residential treatment services for children and adolescents with severe developmental disabilities. Evergreen students live in residential neighborhoods and travel to and from our school each day. Every student receives an individualized education program based upon the principles of applied behavioral analysis and evidence-based practice.

Students in the aquatics program at Evergreen are introduced to safe swimming procedures, water therapy techniques and basic swimming skills. Through warmups, individual and group swims, structured lessons and free play, students are able to explore the aquatic world. Our goal is to create swimmers who will become active, safe participants in and around water.

The Evergreen Center is located at 345 Fortune Blvd. Milford MA 01757 USA
If you are interested in the Evergreen Center, please contact the Family Services Department at Telephone: (508) 478-2631 Fax: (508) 634-3251

Private Instructor – Karoline Trela
345 Fortune Blvd.
Milford MA 01757
United States
Phone: (508) 478-2631
Fax: (508) 634-3251