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I truly believe access to water and supportive swimming lessons should be available to all. Everyone is an individual and deserves an individual approach to their learning. This is something I have worked hard to do, and provide, throughout my time so far in the leisure industry. Working with children, adults and families from various backgrounds over the last 15+ years, with these focuses, helping everyone reach their highest potential has been truly rewarding.

I aim to ensure each person feels safe and valued in each of my lessons and their needs are recognised and met, whether in an individual or group class. My primary focus is ensuring each participant knows how to be safe in the water and can enjoy the environment. Focusing on the fundamentals of floating, breath control and simple movement through the water are at the core of my lessons. Building from those core skills we work on effective stroke technique for the individual.

To contact me personally, please email grainne_or@hotmail.com (not currently taking enrolments)

Private Instructor – Grainne O’Reilly
Grainne O'Reilly
Croydon Road
Croydon VIC 3136
Email: grainne_or@hotmail.com