Kilsyth Centenary Pool offers an awesome program called Swim Champs.

Swim Champs is our Access and Inclusion program. Within this program we offer a few options. All options are personalised to cater to individual needs of the student and their families.

Our most popular option is our one on one classes with our friendly, qualified swimming teachers. As These classes are organised on an individual basis, to find the most opportune time for students, parents and teachers.

We also run some small group classes with a maximum ratio of 1:3. Again, these classes are organised on an individual basis, when the teacher feels the students would benefit more from a small group class. We always consult parents before we approach this option.

Swim Champs is a great program designed entirely with the student in mind. We are an NDIS approved provider and are happy to help answer any questions you may have.


“Our son has been enrolled in swimming lessons since he was 3 years old. He always struggled in group lessons and subsequently this affected his progression. After starting school, he got a diagnosis of high functioning autism. We enquired about private lessons for him and it was suggested to us to enrol him into the Swim Champs program. It has been almost a year now and we are amazed at how far he has come. His lessons are tailored to suit him, and his teachers have been amazing and patient. He looks forward to his weekly lessons, and his meltdowns in the water have ceased. It is definitely one of the best things we have done for him and his confidence.”
– Aaron and Kim Drew

“My son has been doing swimming lessons for just over 3 years and the program has been amazing. He can be very rigid and the teachers were able to work with him to make sure he understood what was going to happen during the lesson, and balance his expectations with what he needed to learn. For quite a while he needed the teachers to do a visual timetable of what was going to happen during the lesson, including when it was time to get out. He wouldn’t put his face in the water for over 6 months, and he’s gone from being quite scared and having great difficulty following instructions, to being almost able to swim 50m continuously. He jumps in at the deep end and loves diving down to get toys off the bottom of the floor. The teachers he’s had have been very patient and encouraging and he now loves the water.”
– Tash

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