Oovi’s Family Actvities Center

Oovi’s family activities center creates a focused, relaxed and pleasant parent-child interaction space. With the purpose of “”inspiring more happy parent-child relationships and creating more intimate families”

We believe that Every kid is unique, they learn differently at their own pace!
That is why our lessons and activities are based on Play – Groove – Practice (PGP)

In Oovi, we provide pregnant moms and newborn babies with babywearing consultant services, baby massage, baby yoga and parent – child swimming lessons.
For toddlers we provide swimming lesson and physical fitness classes.

No. 28, Chenggong Rd, section 5, lane 420, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 114

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(Translated by Google)
The two children have been taking swimming lessons here since they were born, and the teachers are very professional and very patient.
A while ago, big kid started to take Oovi’s physical fitness class because he was slightly behind his classmates in some major physical abilities in kindergarten.
Big kid is more sensitive and cautious, and he is slow to adapt to new things. Teacher Kyle in physical fitness class is like a careful and warm big brother next door. Before the class, he chats with us to understand the child’s personality. He respects the child’s condition during the course and is not in a hurry to let him Complete the action, empathizing with all the emotional reactions he’s showing because he’s still familiar. The first two classes can be said to be unwilling to participate in the class and not accept guidance at all, but gradually the child finds that this is a safe and fun place, and the teacher will not force you to do anything. From the third class, he is more and more happy. .
Now big kid likes classes very much, and has confidence in his ability. He is not afraid to play the amusement facilities that he has never played before when going to the park, and he is more willing to try new actions.
Thank you to the teacher who is willing to wait patiently for the anxious period of the child, and also very grateful to the teacher for patiently guiding and designing such an interesting course.”

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Autism Swim Approved Providers:

Diana C.
Wei Chieh H.
Su Ren F.
Chiou C.
Kang Chia C.
Chen Yi T.
Lin Chun T.
Yihung K.


Kansing International – Oovi’s Family Actvities Center
No. 28, Chenggong Rd, section 5, lane 420
Neihu District
Taipei City 114 
Phone: +886 (02) 26342582
Email: class@oovi.com.tw
Url: http://www.facebook.com/oovi.tw