My name is Katelynn and I am an Autism Swim Certified Provider, Certified Lifeguard, and Occupational Therapist specializing in autism treatment. Katelynn pursued these certifications and developed programming to offer water safety/skill lessons to children, teens, and adults with autism in order to meet the growing demand in the community. Resources for water safety and swim lessons for individuals with autism are very limited, even though drowning risks are significantly higher within this population. Katelynn is trying to fulfill her mission to decrease drowning rates for individuals with autism by advocating for increased access to pool spaces for classes, medical insurance resources for swim safety lessons, grants, and fundraising opportunities. She offers private and semi-private (2 family members/friends of similar skills levels) swim classes. Primary Goal of Lessons: • Water Safety – learn basic water safety skills to prevent drowning, beginning with general comfort in the water environment, submerging and returning to the surface, back float, propelling to the water’s edge

Additional Goals:

  • Swim Skills – develop various strokes for independent swimming skills
  • Water Therapy – work on motor coordination, strengthening, engagement, social play, and communication skills within a motivating, sensory-rich water environment.

Lessons are primarily offered through the Kirksey Recreation Center in Livonia, Michigan, but Katelynn is able to work with families in providing lessons at peoples’ homes or other local pools of choice.

Individual Provider- Katelynn Krause
Kirksey Recreation Center 15100 Hubbard Street Livonia
Michigan 48154
Phone: 734-277-0653