We teach all ages and abilities in our lovely historic pool in Blackburn Lancashire. If we know a swimmer has additional needs, we meet them before they come swimming to get to know them.

We begin with a one to one assessment, and then ascertain if the swimmer needs one to one, small group or one to one in a small group. We do not charge extra for this (we don’t think we should they are a swimmer to us). By meeting the swimmer first, we can pair them with a teacher we think they will respond to well (and then we still work on developing as a swimmer grows with us).

Our pool is family friendly – we are a family team (all be it a BIG one now) and each of our swimmers is HALF Fish to us. We currently support swimmers on the Autism spectrum, as well as those with ADHD.

We can be found at HALF Fish HQ @ Daisyfield Pools, Daisy Lane, Blackburn
Facebook – HALF Fish HQ

Daisyfield Pools
Daisy Lane
Blackburn United Kingdom
Phone: 01254 433840
Url: http://www.half-fish-training.co.uk