Deano’s Nemo’s are a Specialist Swim School, focusing on private swimming lessons for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It’s not just about learning to swim, it’s about giving your child an immersion experience for a better life. Your child’s entire being is our #1 priority…

We want them to walk away feeling that this was the best time of their entire week.

The key is our 6 Step process to ensure your child is comfortable each lesson and gets the results that you want for them.

Step 1 : Set Up the Best Environment to Learn

  • Before your child even gets in the water we ensure the environment is pleasant, clean and free of distractions or noises. The idea is to create an environment which is most conducive to learn. Especially for children who are sensory avoiders – We do not want to overload them.

Step 2 : Make Your Child Feel Safe

  • When your child arrives we focus on their emotional state on the day. The first few minutes are always spent connecting with your child to ensure they are comfortable and feel safe. This lays the foundation for the success of the lesson and is critical to getting the most from your child.

Step 3 : Personalised Lessons Designed just for Your Child.

  • We give your child exactly what they need.
  • An initial 30 minute assessment identifies the areas we need to target and time to build rapport with your child. We’ll have a discussion with you to understand their history, your concerns and exactly what YOU want out of their lessons.
  • This will ensure the absolute best lesson and outcomes are achieved for both you and your child.

Step 4 : Let them have FUN!

  • With fun saturated through every aspect of our Deano’s Nemos lessons, your child will forget that they are learning a new skill.
  • We are then able to get your child to push themselves in trying a new skill in the water that they may otherwise be too scared to give it a go.
  • And on top of this, they always look forward to coming back each week and learning more.

Step 5 : Fully Autism Qualified Instructor with Years of Experience

  • Being Autism Swim Approved means that we are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to most effectively teach our children who need extra support in the water – including sensory processing difficulties, communication difficulties, developmental delay and other abilities.
  • We understand the complexities of ASD and the support mechanisms necessary to educate our children on water safety and ultimately equipping them with the necessary skills to feel confident and safe in the water.

Step 6 : Constant Feedback to keep you fully informed

  • You deserve to know where your child is up to at any time.
  • You can ask any questions at any time during lesson and get feedback at the end of each lesson on progress towards your child’s goals.
  • We can be contacted at any time via email or directly by phone during business hours. Facebook messages will be replied to within 24 hours.

Other Unique Benefits You will get at Deano’s Nemos…

  • We are an NDIS registered provider.
  • One on one private lessons.
  • Week by week activities to progress self-survival skills.
  • We also offer private swimming lessons in the convenience of your own backyard poolduring the warmer months.
  • Exclusive use of a 34 degree heated pool.

“I honestly cannot recommend Dean highly enough. After nearly 3 years at a local swim centre making minimal progress, we saw marked improvements in our 4 year old son after just 1 private lesson with Dean.

Dean is a very special teacher – he has a natural affinity with children, particularly those who may initially find the water a challenging place to be. Dean is patient, kind, positive, flexible and enthusiastic. His lessons incorporate fun games and activities, and most of the time my son doesn’t even realise he is learning. 
Most importantly, he believes in our son, and the confidence he has instilled in our boy as a result of the trust and rapport they have built in the short timeframe they have been together, is just incredible.
Deano’s Nemos has been a complete game changer for our family. We are incredibly blessed to have Dean in our lives and cannot wait to see our son progress even further with each and every lesson. We cannot thank you enough, Dean. You’re an absolute legend.”

Stephanie Saville – Maitland


Deano’s Nemos
1 High Street (various locations)
Maitland NSW 2320
Phone: 0478001225