Bubble ‘n’ Kick Swim School are the Learn to Swim Specialists of the Sunshine Coast! Drowning does not discriminate, and neither do we. We believe it is vital for every individual living in Australia to be equipped with the water safety skills that could potentially save their life. And that is exactly what we do. With our small class sizes, individual classrooms, and experienced instructors we can guarantee maximum swimming time, reduced distractions and personalised feedback and correction for every child, every lesson. If you are ready for swimming lessons that are personalised, progress and fun, contact us NOW!

Our centre is in the process of expanding, currently with two individual classrooms with 9m x4.5m heated, saltwater pools. Once complete, we will have a third lessons pool, a 25m lap pool and training room facilities.

We work with several NDIS account managers to use funding available to cover part or all the costs of swimming lessons

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Royce has ASD and has been swimming with Kym for almost 10months now. After 12 months off due to COVID Royce has progressed to be able to pour water over his own head, kick with a kickboard independently and float on his back with minimal assistance. Royce enjoys racing Kym up the pool and jellies off the mat. He is building in confidence, independence and propulsion each week with his one on one lessons and as a result is well on his way to be safer in the water.

Brianna , better known as Miss B, is 13 years old, has been swimming with the team at Bubble ‘n’ Kick for coming up 2years now and has cerebral palsy. Not only are Miss B’s lessons about improving swimming ability, but also general mobility and flexibility. Between now several surgeries and weekly physiotherapy, Miss B also has achieve independence in the water with survial skills, freestyle, backstroke and now working on breaststroke!! Mum has said the conjunction of swimming lessons with Bubble ‘n’ Kick with Miss B’s hydrotherapy and physiotherapy is working wonders on her all-round health, not just physical fitness.

Eli has been swimming with Bubble ‘n’ Kick almost 12months now, and already can independently float on his back, get multiple pop-up breaths as needed, swim 9m laps and fall in and find a wall- not bad for a 2year old!!

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