Hello, my name is Zoe.

I trained as a secondary school teacher, specialising in working with children with special educational needs. I now work as a senior lecturer at a UK university. My job involves training teachers and special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs) to support children in educational settings.

I have three wonderful children who all love to swim. Two of my children are neurodiverse and have benefitted from the support of excellent swimming teachers who understood their needs. As a result, I was inspired to train as a swimming teacher and complete my STA level 2 course. I’m proud to work at an amazing swim school that has inclusion at heart, ensuring all children can learn in a way that feels comfortable.

Please feel free to contact me for any support or advice.


I cannot recommend Swimwell enough – in fact I have recommended to other friends who have subsequently joined and have reported an equally great experience!



Aquatic Provider – Zoe Stuart
Swimwell Swim School - Walton High School
Old Croft Rd
Stafford ST17 0LJ
United Kingdom
Email: office@swimwell.org.uk
Url: https://www.swimwell.org.uk/swimming/