Hello, my name is Vicki and I have been a qualified swim instructor for 10+ years and I take great pleasure in teaching kids a skill for life and have a special interest in assisting children with Autism and other special needs.

I am a qualified Instructor of Swimming and Water Safety, Access and Inclusions, Babies and Toddlers, Autism Swim and I have also completed the Puggles Swim Course for deaf children as well as possessing some basic sign language skills.

I am patient and understanding to individual children’s needs and know that not everyone learns at the same pace or style, and sometimes swimming skills take time.

I have been actively working with Autistic children for a number of years and Autism Swim has added a new layer to my teaching and given me an even better understanding of the needs Autistic children


Our 15 year old son started swimming lessons at 9 months old. We had many different swimming teachers over the years of varying teaching styles but due to the inconsistency of teachers and their lack of education about autism spectrum disorders, our sons difficulties with communication, anxiety, sensory processing and motor planning issues he never really progressed despite all the lessons.

We started swimming lessons with Vicki in early 2021 and our son took to her very quickly. Her kind nature and patience won him over and he would spend his lessons laughing with her and being cheeky. At this stage goggles were out of the question and he had never put his head under the water. Vicki said she would make it her goal to have him wear goggles and I smiled and nodded but thought “no way! He’s never going to wear them”. After lots of patience and persistence he now not only wears goggles but puts his head in the water! It took time but our son trusts her so much and he was so proud when he did it! My husband couldn’t believe it when I sent him the video. Through the structure and repetition in his lessons with Vicki we have seen his skills develop and he thoroughly enjoys his time with Vicki which is super important too! I have no doubt that eventually Vicki will have him swimming laps like a pro!

Learning to swim properly is so important for our son not only for his safety but also from a social point of view as he is very restricted in his interests but he has always loved the water. We are so lucky to have such a skilled, dedicated and kind swimming teacher like Vicki in our community. She has a beautiful way of connecting with the kids and helping them to feel safe while in the water. She is also willing to listen to parents and learn about the individual child which is incredibly important when working with young people on the Autism spectrum.

Jayde C.

Aquatic Provider – Vicki Kerry
Alstonville Aquatic Centre
13/15 Alston Avenue
Alstonville NSW 2477