Love to Swim is an independent swim school based in East London, England. Affiliated to Swim England, lessons follow the national Learn to Swim frameworks. Our Autism Swim lessons have a maximum of 3 pupils per class and parents are encouraged to participate in the lessons depending on the needs of the pupil.  


I would like to say how pleased we are with Love To Swim autism sessions.
The number of children in the group is ideal for Holly. I love the way Sarada speaks and engages with her. Sarada is clear when giving instructions, she will also demonstrate the actions and sometimes she will use visual aid cards. I am happy to get in the water and assist my child. Today, Holly started in the pool without me, which demonstrates that Holly is growing in confidence with Sarada and feels safe around her.
Holly really looks forward to Saturday mornings, it’s the highlight of her week. She absolutely loves swimming.  I am grateful Holly can continue with the next block of sessions. This will encourage her to become even more confident.
Best wishes 
Jeanette & Holly

The autism-friendly swim class run by Love to Swim is a safe space for my son to grow in his confidence in the water. The specially trained teachers understand how to break information down for the children’s different learning styles. There is the right mix of patience and challenge, all delivered at a pace that keeps them engaged. The ambition is still there for these SEN kids and my boy is going to receive a stage award and badge! I’m so happy we have found Love to Swim’s course and are truly grateful for the subsidy from the council. Without it, we would have to reconsider attending.
Eleanor & Frank



Aquatic Provider – Love To Swim
Stepney All Saints Secondary School
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