Aqua-Babe was established by Kim Willingham in 1997, and over the years has taught hundreds of babies, toddlers, or pre-school children to swim (DBS Approved).
Kim was voted the first Swimming Teachers Association – STA Starfish/Huggies Little Swimmers “SWIMMING TEACHER” of the Month 12/08
Kim loves the water, is happy and relaxed when in the pool; this passes onto both the parents, babies and children (even the most terrified!)
Children love routine and if they have the same teacher each week, same routines and instructions, goals and objectives with songs and smiles, even the initially terrified will start to relax and become a swimmer.

Our classes are held at the Junction Leisure Centre in Broadstone (one of the warmest pools in Dorset UK ) giving our young swimmers and parents a great place to learn.
Station Road, Broadstone Dorset UK.
I am also very happy to visit private pools too.







Kimmi is such a patient, kind, knowledgeable swimming teacher. she has been amazing with my 5 and 3 year old. They are so much more confident in the water only after a few months. cant recommend kimmi highly enough:) xxx

Our four year old daughter has been having private lessons with Kim for the past six months, due to struggling too much with shyness to join in other mixed classes. It coincided with her starting school and I was initially worried that it might all be too much change, but her confidence in herself and her swimming has amazed us. She still might not be the chattiest of students, but her swimming ability has come on in leaps and bounds and the fact that she can now swim for short periods of time without any swimming aids is amazing. She will also now confidently jump into the pool and float on her back which she would never have done a few months ago if it wasn’t for Kim! As soon as I can match up my youngest’s nap schedule to Kim’s classes I will definitely be signing him up as well ???? ????.

Aqua-Babe has been fantastic for Alex – he has been going since he was 6 months old and Kim’s learning through repetition and play style for teaching together with her experienced no-nonsense approach to toddler tantrums has been the perfect combination. He is so confident and happy in the water and the fact that he could swim and dive before he went to school together with being very safety aware is all the proof needed. His baby brother Toby is now following suit
– Kirsty, Kev , Alex and Toby –

I went to Kim on a recommendation and she has exceeded my expectations. My kids laugh and have fun with her, especially at special times of the year when she brings out all the floats and toys. I can see she is teaching them technique amongst all this fun and it works so well. They are becoming strong, confident swimmers who love the water. Thanks Kim!
– Marianne –

My son has always had an underlying fear of water and was nervous to get back in the water after a long lockdown break! We have been having private lessons with Kim for the last 3 months (fortnightly) and he is a changed swimmer. He is now very confident, has progressed to swim unaided and is excited for his lessons. We are so happy to have found Kim!
– Laura –

Eddie has loved swimming since he first started lessons at Aqua-babes when he was 3 months old. He is now 16 months old and is thriving in the water thanks to Kim. Her teaching and expertise make the lessons fun whilst Eddie learns swimming skills and safety in the water. It makes us so proud to see his confidence and ability grow with each lesson. Aqua-babes swimming lessons are a highlight of our week and we look forward to watching Eddie’s swimming skills develop as he grows older.
– Edward & Lizzie –

Aqua-Babe– Wouldn’t go anywhere else – Kim has taught all 3 of my children to swim and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it. Fantastic – not only does Kim teach our little ones to swim without armbands, she also teaches them water safety – what more can you ask for
– Tam, Gillin, Hallin and Syke –

My son has been swimming with Aqua-babe since he was 4 months old, he is now 3, swimming without aids and absolutely loves the water, he jumps in off the edge (without fear), seems to prefer being under the water than on the surface and thoroughly enjoys his 30 minutes as I do watching. Bath times are a joy and I ‘m sure it is because he has been to Aqua-babe. Aqua-babe is our favourite part of the week and I’d recommend it to everyone to build their child’s confidence in the water from any early age. His Dad has also experienced such fun and bonding with his son and at the same time learning a life saving skill. We have just started taking his new baby brother , can’t wait for the same reaction!!
– Emma – James, Charlie & William –

Before taking my daughter for lessons with Kim, she was very timid of the water and found herself not wanting to go swimming anymore. Now she can’t wait to get in the pool and has become a very confident swimmer. I would highly recommend using Kim for swimming lessons.
– Tommy –

Both of my children have been taught to swim by Kim at Aqua-babe, Charlie is now at school and is a little fish, to the astonishment of other parents that watch her floating on her back, diving off the side and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool. Learning with Kim has not just taught her these things but water sense and safety too. She was not always an easy pupil, but thanks to Kim’s patience and persistence she loves being in the water and is (more importantly to me) safe in and near it. My son Billie, is now following in his sisters “swim strokes” and has made the long journeys every week for me and rewarding and pleasurable experience, thank you Kim
– Anne, Charlie and Billie –

Aquatic Provider – Kim Willingham
Mobile lessons by appointment also available or
Junction Leisure Centre - Station Road
Broadstone Wareham United Kingdom
Phone: 447707617634