Hi! I’m Kate and I have been providing an award winning specialist services for swimmers with special needs, disabilities and well-being needs for nearly 20 years. Together with my team of specialist teachers, trainee teachers and volunteers I have established a broad pan-disability programme from Aqua-phobic non-swimmers up to regional disability competitive athletes. We provide 1:1, small group and squad sessions using a range of frameworks to best meet the needs of the individual swimmer. Many of our swimmers benefit from our wrap-around service of mentoring and support and progress to become volunteers themselves. Services are available in Kent, UK with the majority of our programme based in Maidstone.

I am able to provide sessions in client’s own pools and at the leisure centre.

Looked After Children may be referred by their social worker through our Bubbles programme within the leisure centre sessions.





Kate has been teaching my son 1:1 for the past 2 years after several unsuccessful placements in other swim schools. She is patient and understanding of his needs and they have a great relationship! Even though he is non-verbal they communicate so much and she gets so much out of him. He used to run through the centre and throw himself into the water even with his clothes on and now he can move around the pool safely and waits for Kate to tell him when he can swim. I feel more confident to take my son swimming on my own and he is safe in deep water, even the dive pit which he loves. His school were so impressed when they took him swimming with the class. I can’t thank Kate enough

— mum of Finn aged 8 —

My daughter started with Kate on her own and made so much progress she is now in one of the groups. I was really worried that she wouldn’t cope but Kate and the team give her so much support and encouragement and she is now swimming lengths of the pool without any problem. She loves swimming and asks to go all the time. She even wants to be a helper when she is older.

— mum of Isla aged 11 —

My son has swum with Kate since he was 4 and he loves her. He has lots of challenging behaviours and I was told by another teacher that he shouldn’t come to the pool till he was older and better behaved. Kate took him on and they spent the first few sessions playing on poolside and then one day he just went in the pool with her and did a whole lesson! He is now 12 and they still have weekly lessons as he won’t leave. He really likes the deep water and Kate is now teaching him lifesaving. Kate is great with him and she has really helped me with his behaviour at home.

— mum of Jack aged 12 —

I saw Kate teaching a little boy with downs syndrome and he was doing so well I asked if my son could join her classes. When we came for an assessment Kate had lots of PECs visuals and could use makaton so it really put my mind at ease. My son likes to control everything and Kate worked really hard to be able to have him be safe around the pool. He is currently learning technique for the strokes now that he can save himself from deep water. She is a wonderful teacher and I would recommend her to any parent.

— dad of Leo aged 8 —

Connor has ASD, ADHD and SEMH. He has been kicked out of 2 swim schools and I was so worried he would never learn to swim as he doesn’t listen to me or my husband when we take him. We were recommended to Kate by our social worker but didn’t think it would work as he was so negative about swimming lessons and teachers. Kate got onto his level and made the session really fun, giving Connor control at points so that he felt in control the whole time. She was flexible and taught him in the teaching pools and the fun family pool when he couldn’t settle and that really helped. When he started he could only engage for about 5 minutes before he would become dysregulated but now he swims for about 20 minutes so Kate lets him come twice a week which really works. Kate allows him time to process information and sensory input from the environment which can really overwhelm him at times, and adapts the lesson so his needs can be met. He is making so much progress now and we are so thankful to Kate.

— mum of Connor aged 9 —

— My son had a stroke when he was a baby and has physical disabilities that make swimming really difficult. When he was 10 he was diagnosed with autism as well after a long wait for assessment. Kate has helped me so much with getting the right support for him as well as getting him mobile in the water. She has created visuals and schedules with his interests to help him to take part and he really loves his lessons. She has even bought special floats to help him be independent in the water and float and turn and start moving. I’ve noticed a real improvement in his movement and he doesn’t complain about pain in his legs as much. Kate has worked with our physiotherapist and they have created a really good programme for him which he now uses in his school. She has helped his school TA to best communicate with him in the water when he gets overstimulated and has been a god send. Thank you Kate!

— mum of Matthew —


Aquatic Provider Kate Blackham
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