I have been a swim instructor for the Last 10+ years teaching kids and adults. I have taught many kids in group classes and on a 1 to 1 basis. Over the last number of years I have started working with kids with Autism. I work on a one to one basis with the kids to try get them as comfortable and confident in the water. Teaching them everything from the different strokes to water safety. My main goal for kids with autism is that they are safe in the water and strong swimmers to get themselves to safety if they ever are in or around water.

I work mainly in the pool that I am employed in here in Dublin called Sportsco. It is a 25meter pool with a shallow end of 1m and a deep end of 2m. This pool is a members only facility so it doesn’t get to busy or crowded during our family hours.

Aquatic Provider – Chris Kavanagh
South Lotts Rd
Dublin 4 Ireland
Email: chriskavanagh.swimlessons@gmail.com