My name is Anna, I currently teach baby and toddler swimming lessons. However, I am expanding the classes I teach to include neuro-diverse individuals as well. There is a strong need for people with all abilities to learn how to swim. 

I work for the local council in a hydrotherapy pool, so the water is lovely and warm and only small classes take place with a maximum of 7 children.

In my lessons, you will find fun activities such as colour matching games or spot the sea creatures. I use interactive toys including colourful light up balls, mirrors, buckets and watering cans. I use music and dancing (using swimming actions) to break up the lessons and make them more enjoyable for all. 


~ Anna has taught my child in baby and adult, then toddler and adult sessions. Anna is amazing, thoughtful and a dedicated teacher! She is great at creating different ways to engage the children into swimming without realising they are doing it. Anna has formed a great relationship with all the children. My child has gained so much in confidence and is making continuous progress every week! – Shelley ~

~ Anna has been teaching my little boy in the toddler and baby sessions for some time now! She has been amazing with him! He has come in leaps and bounds with a constant, fun and energetic instructor! The lessons are all fun and engage the children to swim playing games and using music! We hope when we move up we can have Anna again! – Laura ~

Aquatic Provider – Anna Hull
Armley Leisure Centre
Carr Crofts
Armley Leeds LS12 3HB
United Kingdom