The highly trained and passionate team at Adelaide Active Rehab & Therapy, have developed the popular SwimClusion program – individualised sessions for NDIS participants to learn aquatic safety skills. All sessions are one-on-one and tailored to individual goals and needs. The program is run in our large new Hydrotherapy pool, which is maintained at a toasty 35 degrees celsius for maximum comfort.

Participants can choose to work with either Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists or Swimming Instructors who are all passionate about what they do and focus on delivering tailored programs for individuals of any age on the Autism Spectrum. 

Learning to swim is vital for everyone living in Australia and children on the Autism Spectrum are at a higher risk of drowning than their peers.  Swimclusion assists to develop the essential skills they need to stay safe in the water, as well as help them with their physical development.

These skills include:

  • Develop water safety and drowning prevention skills– how to safely enter and exit bodies of water, becoming familiar with an aquatic environment, breath control and floating;
  • Improving gross motor skills– strength, balance and coordination;
  • Enhancing fine motor skills– grip, hand and finger strength;
  • Expanding social and communication skills.

We have a wide range of equipment, including general swimming aids such as kickboards and noodles, sensory toys, floating mats that are used for regulation breaks and building core strength, hoops, and more. With a sensory-friendly environment, step-by-step instruction, and positive reinforcement, children with autism can learn and enjoy swimming.

All of our one-on-one instructors are qualified through the APA, ESSA, AustSwim or Swim Australia, and have comprehensive and ongoing training with Autism Swim. 

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