The dolphin program at Wanneroo Aquamotion provides personalised lessons to suit children and adults living with a wide range of special needs. Our Dolphin program is unique therefore our lesson spaces are limited and highly sought after.  All

the teachers in this program have been trained accordingly to be able to adapt to the learner’s needs, and/or physical or attitudinal difficulties. We encourage a nurturing environment where all our teachers are patient and understanding throughout the lesson. This program can help your child to improve their coordination, physical fitness and confidence in the water. 

  • We offer lessons within our heated indoor 25 metre pool, leisure pool and our hydrotherapy pool.Our hydrotherapy pool is heated to 33.5 degrees. 
  • We provide individualised, one-on-one lessons, two on one lesson and four on one lesson that are stimulating, fun and hugely rewarding.
  • Student to teacher ratios are based on the individual requirements of your child, ability and social requirements.

What you can expect?

  • Classes structured for your child’s needs: Students are booked into a class that suits their ability and comfort.
  • Your child and the classes are overseen by the coordinator.
  • Enhanced physical strength, confidence and self-esteem while developing life skills.
  • Wanneroo Aquamotion’s Dolphin program’s main focus is to promote water awareness and safety as well as teaching the students to swim independently. 

We are not an NDIS provider, however please talk to us about paying for your child’s lesson. 


Autism Swim Testimonials 

Ruby –
Ruby loves attending her swimming lessons each week. She enjoys her teachers and responds well. Ruby loves water: the difference in her is huge since joining 2yrs ago, she swims so much more confidently at the beach or a swimming pool, she has also improved in interm school swimming, now moving up levels and swimming with group peers, which she enjoys and feels so much more inclusive instead of needing one to one training. Dolphins Programme is highly recommended, thank you.

Lucius –
My son has been in the Dolphin program since July 2018.  He first commenced his swimming lessons with Jessie and now is with Josh.  Even though my son has always had a love of water he wanted to be held.  Jessie built my son’s confidence to a point where he was comfortable exploring the water himself.  Josh took over from Jessie and has built an excellent relationship with my son.  Josh has been able to assist my son to be able to swim independently with confidence the length of the swimming pool with a huge smile.  The Dolphin program has assisted my son to have at the moment (with more to come) the basic skills to be safe in the water whilst keeping his enjoyment of it.  All of the Dolphin program staff; have an immense wealth of patience, humour, commitment and a genuine love of working with children who have special needs.  There have been times when my son has had a difficult time regulating; the Dolphin staff have been on hand to provide assistance without judgement and compassion which has been thoroughly appreciated.  All of the children who attend thoroughly enjoy their lessons and have all excelled in the program. As a parent it is a huge relief and joy to watch them progressing and achieving their individual goals.

Jamyang –
My Daughter has been in Dolphin Program for a year now. Her level of confidence in water has doubled since starting the program. Jo has been a wonderful instructor for her. Through these swimming lessons Jamyang has benefitted both physically and mentally. It has helped her in improving concentration and focus, and also helped her in building her core muscle strength.

Dean –
Dean started attending the Dolphin Program at Wanneroo Aquamotion when he was 2 and half years old. We felt he needed a one on one lesson, as being in a group class the teacher couldn’t concentrate on what Dean needed to work on specifically. He is now 4 years old and can do many things he couldn’t when he first began the program. He will even wear goggles for part of the lesson, which for us was a really big deal. Dean loves water and it is extremely important to us that he has water awareness. Every week as soon as he knows it is time for swimming he can’t wait to get his swim gear on and jump in the car. All of the instructors are amazing, and we feel so confident leaving Dean in their hands.

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