Sport and recreation make an important contribution to the health and well-being of all people, particularly those with disabilities. However, due to physical and attitudinal barriers, people with disabilities often face challenges when trying to make these activities a part of their everyday life.

Angela’s All Inclusive Swim School is committed to providing innovative and targeted swimming lessons to support these individuals and families, by breaking down the barriers to their participation, with the aim of providing all individuals with an opportunity to learn essential swim and survival skills. We offer regular classes and private swimming lessons for people of all ages with special needs or disabilities.

Our qualified instructors can cater sessions to meet your individual needs. Parents are also welcome to take part and help create a non-stress introduction to the pool environment. We can work to integrate you or your child into our other Swim School programs when you’re ready. Angela Bubb, Di Toms, Jessica Bubb all AS approved team members. Private 1-1 classes and small group classes.We operate from a private residential pool and a hydrotherapy pool.


‘Di is one of my son’s most trusted people in his life. As a boy with Autism that’s no mean feat. She teaches in such a gentle loving way swimming has gone from something he would melt down just thinking about to his favourite thing to do.’ – Claire from Cranleigh
‘Angela is a fantastic swimming teacher. She knows exactly how to pitch a lesson to make our child feel safe, comfortable and happy in the water which is no mean feat. Her ability to gauge needs and to bring out the best of their ability is amazing. We wouldn’t want any other swim school!’ – Teresa from Godalming
‘I’m so glad to have found this caring and supportive swim school that caters for children of all needs. Di cleverly manages to give my two boys (one autistic, one very anxious) little challenges that they think are just for fun but are actually the building blocks for learning to swim. They settled into classes very quickly and just a few weeks in we can already see confidence and skills building.’ – Gemma from Blackwater
‘Angela is a fab swim instructor, a total passion for what she does and an approach which is very different to most other swim schools. At first it looks like the children are just playing games but it is actually a real deep understanding of how children work. How to make swimming fun balanced with how to teach real precision.’ – Bryn from Cranleigh

Current AS certified staff members:

Angela Bubb
Leah Bubb
Isabel Bubb
Jessica Bubb
Di Toms

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