I am Austswim accredited, and Autism Swim approved and am passionate in assisting those with other abilities to be happy and safe in an aquatic environment.

I use Learn To Swim visuals that I have created to help me to teach firstly water familiarisation and confidence, secondly propulsion which leads to water safety and survival skills, followed by stroke technique to get from A to B comfortably or as best as possible.

After 5 years teaching in busy mainstream learn to swim pools it was apparent that some children’s needs could not be met in these loud, and bustling centre’s.

Realising I have a passion to help those who are neurodiverse, I now choose to work in a small private, indoor heated, magnesium pool which provides an ideal quiet environment with minimal distractions to set and achieve goals.

Swim teaching ‘one on one’ in a small quiet pool is a win win for everyone. The child wins as they progress, overcome their fears, and learn to swim, the parents win as their child becomes safe in an aquatic environment and I win because being part of every little step forward is such a rewarding experience. I can honestly say – I love my job!

Benefits of a private aquatic program includes:

  • One on one lessons
  • The same instructor every week
  • Lesson designed to your child’s ability.
  • Time to enjoy the water, self-regulate and refocus.
  • Flexibility to change lesson to child’s needs at the time.
  • Lots of swimming aides and toys
  • Every lesson finishes with toys and a jump


Christine Becker
Wendy is a gem! She has taught my daughter with special needs more skills in a few lessons than she ever learnt in months of ‘group’ lessons. She is so patient and caring and really connects with the children she works with. Highly recommended!

Kerry Glubb
Wendy has been my child’s swimming instructor for years now and she is the most amazing instructor you could possibly ask for. she goes above and beyond for my son and even incorporates his physio into his lesson!! I highly recommend her to everyone!!

Brandi Bruno
Wendy has completely changed our child’s behaviour and confidence in the water. We started with a child that was very fearful and wouldn’t even put his head back in the water. In a few lessons he is wearing a cap AND goggles as well as going UNDER. Thank you Wendy!!

Lauren Spedding

Wendy is an exceptional swimming instructor, who is experienced working with kids on the spectrum. Elijah adores Wendy and has improved greatly in the water ?.


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