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What is Sign 4 Inclusion?

Sign 4 Inclusion is an annual awareness campaign and fundraiser, now in its third year, conducted by Autism Swim.

This initiative focuses on teaching Key Word Signs as a powerful tool for fostering inclusion and enhancing communication with others.

Why do we do it?

At Autism Swim, we don't just value inclusion; we champion INCLUSIVE ACTION. Taking a few minutes each day to learn Key Word Signs is a simple yet impactful commitment.

These practical skills will empower you to be more inclusive in your daily interactions, making a real difference in the lives of those around you.

What benefits do I receive when I sign up for Sign 4 Inclusion?

After registering via the options below, you will receive:

A downloadable Sign4Inclusion 2024 logo you can share on your website and socials to show YOUR commitment to inclusion this year.
Downloadable Social tiles you can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and your other social media channels to tell your friends, family and colleagues you are committing to inclusion this July.
A downloadable banner you can add to your email signature, to help us spread the word about Sign 4 Inclusion 2024.
Centres will receive a form to fill in for up to 10 members to sign on to the campaign.
Once you're all signed up, from the first of July you will receive one video a day each day until the 5th of July, totalling 5 videos. Each video will include FIVE key word sign, with a verbal description and a demonstration. That's a huge 25 Key Word Signs you will learn!


Here’s the Day 2 video from Sign 4 Inclusion 2023 to give you an idea of what to expect.

Join Sign 4 Inclusion 2024 Today!

Sign up by 30th june 2024

For the Sign 4 Inclusion 2024 initiative, there are two registration options: individual or centre. Centre registration allows up to 10 staff members to participate.

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