We have worked with countless aquatic instructors, parents and educators, receiving feedback on the most common difficulties experienced inside and outside of the water.

We have created ‘What to do When’ Sheets, which offer step-by-step information on how to overcome these common and challenging scenarios. If you have a query that is not listed in the drop-down menu, contact the team at hello@autismswim.com.au, and we may be able to put it together for you.

For parents and instructors who have a membership with us, you receive these as part of your monthly resource packs.

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All scenarios, WTDW your swimmer is crying/screaming/yelling, WTDW your swimmer just wants to do their own thing in the water, WTDW your swimmer won’t get in the water, WTDW your swimmer won’t get out of the water, WTDW your swimmer appears over-stimulated and distressed, WTDW your swimmer is having difficulty putting his/her face in the water, WTDW your swimmer won't let go of the edge of the pool, WTDW your swimmer doesn't like to be touched, WTDW your swimmer has difficulty lying on his/her back, WTDW your swimmer reacts extremely to being splashed, WTDW your swimmer needs help controlling their body, WTDW your swimmer is excessively drinking pool water, WTDW your swimmer runs straight for the water, WTDW your swimmer doesn’t want to wear goggles, WTDW your swimmer has troubles with their feet being off the bottom, WTDW your swimmer takes off without looking, WTDW your swimmers skills mastered don't carry over