This toolkit is a world first, and equips parents, educators and key stakeholders with a range of preventative and reactive strategies and resources, designed by clinical specialists, which aim to mitigate the associated risks of wandering and drowning for individuals on the Autism Spectrum and those with other abilities.

It is 74 pages of absolutely vital information for any parent or educator who spends time with a child who has a propensity to wander, has a decreased ability to perceive risks/dangers and/or who is not a strong swimmer.

The toolkit is broken down into three sections: Education, Prevention and Response. Some of the resources include a Wandering Action Plan, information on tracking technology, caregiver checklist, identification tags, strategies to prevent your child from becoming overstimulated, or from seeking sensory input from outside the home, Positive Behaviour Support based programs to teach your child not to leave home without the appropriate cue to do so, and CPR considerations (to name just a few).

This is the 3rd edition of the Toolkit, as we are constantly updating this valuable resource with new information and technology. It is currently only sold electronically, so we are able to keep costs significantly down; ensuring as many people as possible can now be equipped with this essential resource. Upon check-out, you will receive a ‘download’ link, whereby the toolkit will be available to you straight away.

(If you are in Australia, the cost of this item may be redeemable for self and plan managed participants – please check with your NDIS plan manager or Local Area Coordinator)