These visuals are the perfect way to assist your surfers to retain the information being delivered to them. Please choose from the list below and if you require a visual support that is not listed, please email us hello@autismswim.com.au and we’ll aim to get it made up for you.

p>If you purchase all visuals, you will receive two for free.

Please note: As soon as you check-out, your product/s will be available for download straight away.


  • Carrying board
  • Duck diving
  • Lying on board
  • Paddling through waves
  • Pushing board over waves in shallow water
  • Rising to stand
  • Stand up
  • The ‘push up’

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The Full Suite, Carrying board, Duck diving, Lying on board, Paddling through waves, Pushing board over waves in shallow water, Rising to stand, Stand up, The 'push up'