Introducing the ‘Social Stories Check-Lists for Aquatic Skills’ – a vibrant, engaging set of check-lists with illustrations, designed specifically for participants on the autism spectrum to help them master the basics of water safety and swimming. These bite-sized, easy-to-understand stories break down various aspects of aquatic skills into manageable steps, promoting an enjoyable and stress-free learning experience.

Each check-list in the series depicts a different scenario, from learning how to float front to Rescue skills, with clear visuals and simple language that cater to the learning styles for participants on the spectrum.

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  • Learning to climb out of the pool
  • Learning to climb in the pool
  • Learning to move along the side of the pool
  • Learning to push off the wall
  • Learning to blow bubbles
  • Learning backstroke kick
  • Learning backstroke arms
  • Learning freestyle kicks
  • Learning freestyle arms
  • Learning to tread water
  • Learning sculling
  • Learning to streamline
  • Learning to dog paddle
  • Learning to go under the water
  • Learning to float on front
  • Learning to float on back
  • Learning side breathing
  • Roll and float
  • Rescue skills – Reach
  • Rescue skills – Throw
  • Rescue skills – Talk
  • Survival Backstroke
  • Survival Breaststroke
  • Survival sculling on back
  • Survival sidestroke

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All, Learning to climb out of the pool, Learning to climb in the pool, Learning to move along the side of the pool, Learning to push off the wall, Learning to blow bubbles, Learning backstroke kick, Learning backstroke arms, Learning freestyle kicks, Learning freestyle arms, Learning to tread water, Learning sculling, Learning to streamline, Learning to dog paddle, Learning to go under the water, Learning to float on front, Learning to float on back, Learning side breathing, Roll and float, Rescue skills – Reach, Rescue skills – Throw, Rescue skills – Talk, Survival Backstroke, Survival Breaststroke, Survival sculling on back, Survival sidestroke